A Very Berry Group of EOS Lip Balm

EOS has a wide range of different lip balms that they offer for sale and with a wide range of different flavors. The sheer volume of their lip balms doesn’t speak to their quality, but that too is very significant.

EOS was founded by co-founders who saw an opportunity in the lip balm industry to release a product that was higher quality than the lip balms that were commonly for sale on the market, and to provide them in unique new packaging that was colorful and could attract a wide audience. While EOS lip balms are primarily marketed to female buyers, many men also buy EOS lip balm for their high quality ingredients, organically sourced and natural components, and their wide range of flavors. Check also this blog, blogwebpedia.com.

For me, I love berry flavored things and have wide patches of berries in my garden. I also seek out berries whenever they are not in season at the supermarket and try to fulfill my desire for them to whatever extent possible with varying berry products. Great news here on thebrotalk.com.

EOS has a wide range of berry lip balms for sale. Strawberry sorbet, blackberry nectar, summer fruit (containing strawberry and blueberry), blueberry acai, and raspberry pomegranate are the berry flavored balms that EOS sells. All taste fresh and natural and the lack of artificial ingredients truly shows through in the product. Further, EOS lip balms have some additives like vitamin E that provide additional protection for your lips.

Of all the flavors out there, my choice is raspberry pomegranate. While it is the raspberry flavor that I truly love in this balm, the pomegranate does add some additional complexity of flavor that is enjoyable and interesting to apply and keeps it interesting for me to apply. Sample the available flavors that EOS sells and find what your favorite option is, shop here!


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