Get the Best Lip Balm Flavors from EOS

Customers who are interested in purchasing natural or organic cosmetics will love what Evolution of Smooth (EOS) has to offer, see also The company is known mainly for its lip balms, and has been featured in top beauty magazines like Allure and Cosmo. Celebrities like Taylor Swift and Miley Cyrus are fans of the EOS brand, and the products are a mainstay at most Target and Walmart locations these days. EOS is currently the second best selling lip balm in America, and the company moves around 1 million units a week.

Popular lip balm flavors include Vanilla Mint and Vanilla. These lip balms have a pleasant scent, help to soothe and protect the lips, and are particularly popular during the holidays. There’s also passionfruit, a popular summer lip balm with a distinct fruity scent, and honeysuckle honeydew, which has a fresh floral scent with hints of melon, buy them at Each of these lip balms contain shea or cocoa butter to protect the lips from sun damage. EOS offers shimmer lip balms as well, and these items have coconut milk to keep the lips moist and healthy, fantastic blog here.

Evolution of Smooth also offers shaving creams and a variety of hand lotions. These products are made from organic and all-natural ingredients to improve the health of the skin. Visit for more information.

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