How EOS changed my lip balm habits

Lip balm has become an addiction for me. I need to apply it every thirty minutes or so and after my wallet, keys, and cell phone, is the thing I check in my pocketbook. I could never understand why such constant applications were needed until I shifted from Blistex to EOS, which allowed me to change my habits for applying lip balm significantly, try see for more interesting news.

EOS is made from better emollients than Blistex which is petroleum jelly is. Petroleum jelly is a synthetic by-product from oil refinement and helps to protect your lips, at least for a little while. The oils like coconut and jojoba oil that EOS uses work better and provide added protection from dry lips.

EOS produces a wide array of different flavored lip balms in unique flavors that aren’t for sale by Blistex or any other brand that I have tried. Even the flavors that are duplicated across the competition taste better when EOS makes them such as mint. The sweet mint and vanilla mint that EOS produces is far more natural tasting than the Blistex and Chapstick versions which taste like vapor rub to me.

EOS has these great flavor combinations like blueberry acai and raspberry pomegranate. These flavors just work wonderfully as a lip balm and provide the moisture that your lips need with a hint of artificial flavoring that is so common in lip balms. Raspberry pomegranate has a delicious enjoyable taste while blueberry acai has a more mystical flavor that is truly different and unique from what else is around. Check more here on

These flavors are just a small sampling of those available from EOS who is constantly creating new and enticing flavors to try. EOS has such a wide range of flavors available that they can fit into any mood or taste preference that you have.

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