How Fabletics Recorded an Annual Growth Rate of 35 Percent in Three Years

The fashion e-commerce market is one of the trickiest online shopping sectors that one can succeed. Over the past three years since it was founded, Fabletics has always focused on producing and selling sports apparel. The company relies on a subscription mechanism to propel its apparel sales to clients. Established sportswear brands have dominated the fashion industry due to their highly priced goods and services. Fabletics proves to be better than the brands due to its exclusive design, customer experience, and brand recognition. The modern consumer is usually appealed by these factors when shopping for fashion accessories.


The business strategy adopted by Fabletics can be compared to Apple’s and Warby Parker’s. Fabletics also hopes to open more stores as clients sign up for membership on the company’s website. The sportswear brand currently runs physical stores in Illinois, Hawaii, California, and Florida. According to the brand’s general manager, Gregg Throgmartin, Fabletics focuses on establishing itself as a refurbished and modern fashion brand. Throgmartin also believes that the company’s membership model allows them to provide clients with personalized service.


Fabletics’ Organizational Structure


Fabletics comprises of competent leadership and professional teams. These teams work together in ensuring that the right content is displayed on the company’s website. For instance, the pictures of products displayed on the shopping portal are the exact copy of the products found in the physical stores. The company’s professional team also use data gathered online regarding clients’ preferences to restock sportswear items. Furthermore, this team ensures that the stores are always stocked based on the social media preference and membership preferences of customers.


The company’s senior vice president of operations, Dustin Netral, believes that an e-commerce brand can only succeed when the user preference data is combined with global fashion trends. He also believes that growth in such brands depends on their focus on culture, accessibility, and people. Fabletics continues to expand its services to new territories. According to TechStyle’s corporate marketing officer, Shawn Gold, Fabletics grows by 35 percent annually.  He also believes that Fabletics excels in service delivery because of its return on investment and data science methods.


About Fabletics


Fabletics is a privately owned sportswear brand founded by Adam Goldenberg, Don Ressler, and Kate Hudson. The brand is known for its online subscription services since it was launched in 2013. Its parent company is TechStyle Fashion Group, which was previously known as JustFab. Oliver Hudson, Kate’s brother, collaborated with Fabletics in launching a men’s activewear line known as FL2 in 2015.


In 2016, Fabletics expanded its inventory by adding swimsuits and dresses to its product catalog. Signing for Fabletics membership is free. When creating an account, you are supposed to fill out a survey of your workout and lifestyle preferences. After creating a VIP account, you will receive product newsletters on the fifth of every month.


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  1. He added that customers could also purchase fashion accessories at half the price of competitors. Shawn believes that growth in fashion brands depends on the quality and price of products. There are certain things in which needs to understand about all this even when it comes to owning them all one after the other which is not really easy.

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