Real Estate Investor- Todd Lubar

The real estate sector has been in a crisis especially in Baltimore area, but as the bank records, there has been an improvement from April 2016. The drastic change in the industry caused some of the County to change the rules and regulations concerning the real estate sector including Maryland. The change of standards made the industry more consumers friendly, although the real estate business was lowered in the State as compared to others. The Maryland County experienced some distress in the housing sector something that led to the rise of house sales in the neighboring counties.

Todd Lubar is an entrepreneur who has invested in the real estate business. Todd Lubar began his real estate career in 1995. Lubar Loves what he does because he is so passionate about helping people live an excellent life. Mr. Lubar began his career serving as an originator at Crestar Mortgage Corporation where he gained experience in mortgage banking. As he was still working in the organization, Todd got so much involved with insurance agents, financial planner, real estate agents, and CPA’s a group that has been of a great advantage in his recent position as a real estate investor.

In 1999 he took another big step in his career by acquiring an equity position with Legacy Financial Group. The acquisition of the Equity provided a greater opportunity for him to lend loan to mortgage banks as well as acting as a broker for investors. According to, he established Legendary Properties LLC in 2002 taking his career to a higher level. Since then Lubar has been expanding his business in the real estate industry and is now one of the pioneers in the industry. In 2007 the real estate sector began to experience changes, but Lubar did not give up instead he ventured into the business of demolishing and renovating buildings. His new business gave him an opportunity to of winning the largest contract in the country. Mr. Lubar was also involved in the buying of automotive scrap metal recycling business, reveals Lu bar’s continuous efforts in business gave his company a chance to trade in the public marketplace.

Todd lives in Maryland together with his two daughters. When he is not doing business, he is spending time with his family. He is also very active on social media, especially on Twitter. His mission is to improve the lives of people in the world.

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