The Story of Roberto Santiago and the Manaira Shopping Mall

Roberto Santiago is a respected businessman who is currently based in Brazil. The entrepreneur is considered to be one of the wealthiest individuals in the country. Roberto is the proud owner of the prestigious Manaira Shopping mall that is found at Joao Pessoa. The mall is located in his hometown, and it attracts clients from all over the world. Manaira Shopping Mall is a recreation and entertainment center that is famed for its features.


Roberto Santiago was born and raised in Joao Pessoa. His successful business career tells about his determination, hard work and entrepreneurial skills. The fifty-eight year old went to ordinary school just like any other middle-class student. After his high school education, Roberto joined the prestigious Pio X-Marist College in Brazil. He, later on, went to the prestigious University of Center where he acquired a degree in business administration. The skills he learned in school have played a fundamental role in his successful career.


After receiving his degree, Roberto Santiago went to work at Café Santa Rosa, a well-known décor manufacturing firm that is also found in Brazil. Working at the company gave the businessman the skills and motivation needed to start his own business. Santiago was very passionate about business, and he did not love working for other people. This motivated him to start a cartonnage company. At first, the businessman would sell cartons that were made of cardboards. The company did very well, and it managed to produce various decorative products in the market.


Thanks to Roberto’s entrepreneurial skills, the cartonnage firm started making huge profits in no time. The money acquired from the business was invested in real estate. The Brazilian real estate market is very profitable. The decision to invest there was one of the best things that happened in Santiago’s life. His portfolio as a wealthy businessman started growing. He bought some land, and after several years, Roberto began constructing the Manaira Shopping Mall. Although the land was purchased in the year 1987, the shopping mall was opened several years later. The mall has grown significantly, and it houses a cinema room that is out of this world.


The most striking feature about the prestigious Manaira Mall is the versatility. When constructing the mall, Roberto Santiago wanted something that was going to easily accommodate the modern family. There are shopping stores for all products, a concert hall that is well equipped, a modern theatre, a gaming area, modern food courts, gyms, financial institutions and different colleges. The mall has a sound reputation in the world because of the features it provides its clients. The gym in the facility is well equipped with trained professionals who make sure that the customer gets the best.


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