Vijay Aswaran and His Remarkable Leadership Skills at QI Group

Background Information about Vijay Aswaran

Eswaran was born in a middle-class family in 1960 in Penang. His father was employed by the ministry of labor while his mother worked as a teacher. Learn more about Vijay Eswaran:

Because of this nature of the job, the family would move from place to place in the early years of Eswaran’s life. Being a focused young man, he was able to remain focused on his goals despite the movements.

He pursued a bachelor’s degree in Socio-economic studies from London School of Economics and graduated in 1984. Unfortunately, he was unable to secure a decent job following his graduation, and he was forced to do odd jobs in London for sustenance purposes. Such jobs included driving cabs, working in construction sites as well as picking grapes.

Nonetheless, Eswaran Vijay was a focused, resilient and optimistic person who never allowed such hurdles to discourage him from pursuing his goals.

The challenges gave him an opportunity to diversify his skills portfolio by taking a course in Multi-level Marketing, a path that would a complete change in his career journey. He acquired his qualification from CIMA in London after which he went back to Asia to seek out for a fortune.

Vijay’s Pivotal Role in QI Group

Upon his return to Asia in 1998, they co-founded the QI Group. The Multi-level marketing skills gained from London were very instrumental in the establishment of the company.

Through his skills, attitudes, global perspectives and strategies, Vijay Eswaran would help the company grow and expand and consistently increase the clientele base despite the unpredictable economic environment. The marketing strategies have provided the company with a competitive advantage enabling it to soar high.

Today, QI Group is an online marketing agency that deals with a range of services like wellness, corporate investment, travel, luxury goods, media, travel among others. The company has its regional offices situated in Thailand, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Malaysia.

As an excellent leader, Vijay’s influence has seen the company grow progressively, and in 2016 the estimated net worth was about $750 million. It is noteworthy that Vijay is a great philanthropist with a heart to help the needy since he understands what it feels to lack and struggle on basic needs.

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